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2024-07-09 1st half year 2024 Text and Map results of Snakes and Ladders.

2024-06-10 May Text and Map results of Snakes and Ladders.

What is the EuCW?

The EuCW is an organization that hosts European CW CLUBS. It's meant to be an exchange forum.

The objective of EuCW is to form an association of independent European amateur radio CW clubs. Using the Association as a platform, member-clubs may exchange ideas and information, arrange various activities involving mutual participation, and generally co-operate for the benefit of amateur radio CW operation.

Each European member-club is represented within the Association by an appointed "EuCW Communications Manager" (ECM). These pages are maintained by the ECM of AGCW under the advice of the current President.




It's the Activity Group CW DL.
AGCW is a a major CW club founded in 1971. Its main objective is to encourage and support Morse telegraphy within amateur radio. The club counts more than 2300 mostly German speaking members. These EUCW pages are a part of the AGCW-DL web service.


EuCW on the AIR?

EuCW is on the air 24/7 to promote friendship among Europeans. No contest, no pile-ups, no 599/73, just friendly QSOs on air. Our activity is called SNAKES and LADDERS. However, the game has plenty of other names such as Змеи и лестницы = Ormar och Stegar = Cobras e Escadas = Kígyók és létrák = Serpientes y escalas = Węże i drabiny = Serpents et Echelles = Змії і Сходи = Gioco dell'Oca = Ganzenbord = Leiterspiel = Hadi a žebříky = Serpentoj kaj ŝtupetaroj = Змии и скали = Käärmeet ja tikkaat = Snakes og stiger = Slanger og stiger = Φίδια και σκάλες = Serps i escales = סנייקס און לאַדדערס

While Snakes and Ladders is the only activity hosted by us, some of our clubs dedicate their own activites to us such as the 160m ON5ME contest of UFT, the summer issue of SCAG's Straight Key Day, and the AGCW QRS week formerly hosted by FISTS.

The official language of EuCW is English. The information herein is provided as-is, the main author as well as the hosting orgs decline any responsibility for information provided by third parties (links). These third parties may have their own copyright policies. Our own content may be distributed freely.

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