c/o E.C.M. of AGCW-DL


RM2D, Mats, Email address

Other EuCW officials:

EuCW Snakes and Ladders activity manager:
DM4RW, Robert Email address

EuCW award manager:
DF4WX, Micha Email address

EuCW Midsummer Straight Key Day manager:
See SCAG page.

EuCW QRS ACTIVITY WEEK manager and webmaster of
DL1GBZ, Martin, Email Address

EuCW 160m Contest manager:
See UFT page.

European Communications Managers. The ECMs represent their member clubs at the EuCW. Their e-addresses are listed here. Listen to this if you cannot open the document.

Liaison Officers. They ensure the contacts to associated overseas clubs.

Note: should any of the contact points fail, please let us know using our generic contact information. This will reach the webmaster. Before you try this, please check the usual Internet callbooks.

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