General Rules
1. This prestigious award is available to all licensed radio amateurs and shortwave listeners anywhere in the world.
2. Only contacts made on or after 27th April, 1991, (the 200th anniversary of the birth of Samuel F.B. Morse) are valid for this award.
3. Applicants should submit a list of contacts made (or SWL-stations heard) for which QSL cards have been received. The list must be certified by a licensed amateur who is a member of an EuCW club, who should state the name of his/her club and membership number.
4. The list must include date of contact, call sign of station worked or heard; band; name of operator; QTH; EuCW club; and club membership number.
5. Refer to to see a comprehensive list of EuCW member clubs.
6. Separate certificates will be issued for each class of award.
7. The award is free and will be given out as high quality PDF file.
8. Applications for the award should be sent to the Award Manager below.
9. The Award Manager's decision is final on all applications.

Requirements for the Award
1. Confirmed CW only contacts (SWLs - CW stations heard) with 100 different stations who are members of EuCW clubs, over 3 different amateur bands with a minimum of 20 stations worked or heard in each band.
2. The total of 100 stations worked or heard over 3 bands must include at least 3 members of six different EuCW clubs.
3. Up to 40 stations worked or heard on 27th April, 1991, the 200th anniversary of the birth of Samuel F.B. Morse, will count as double contacts. All other requirements remain unchanged.

Classes of Award
a) Standard award - 100 two-way contacts made using any authorized transmission power.
b) QRP award -100 two-way contacts made, with the applicant using not more than 5 watts r.f. output power.
c) SWL award - 100 stations heard using any power.

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EuCW Award manager:
Micha, DF4WX, Email Address.

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