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Listing of the European member clubs and their
"EuCW Communication Managers" (ECMs)

Format of this list (sorted alphabetically):

Club short name and country

Original long name (English long name if available and if different from original name)
Type of the club (generic, qrq, qrp, restrictions...)
ECM, call, name

DL:AGCW-DL (Germany)

Arbeitsgemeinschaft CW DL (Activity Group CW DL)
Generic CW club
ECM: DL1GBZ, Martin

ON PA LX:BQC (The Netherlands)

Benelux QRP Club
QRP club
ECM: PA9RZ, Robert

ON: CFT (Belgium)

Club Francophone Télégraphiste
French speaking club
ECM/Pres.: ON4LDL, Robert

9A:CTC (Croatia)

Croatian Telegraphy Club
Generic CW club
ECM/Pres.: 9A3FO, Mladen

DL Eur.:EHSC (Germany)

Radio Telegraphy Extremely High Speed Club
QRQ club, min. speed 300
ECM and secretary: DJ5CW, Fabian


Generic CW club
ECM: G0IBN, Andrew


FISTS CW Club - The International Morse Preservation Society
Generic CW club
ECM: G3ZOD, Graham

G:FOC (U.K.)

First Class CW Operators Club
CW club limited to 500 members
ECM: G4WQI, Dean

G:G-QRP (U.K.)

G-QRP Club - Devoted to Low Power Communication
QRP club
ECM: M0KTZ, Enzo

CT: GPCW (Portugal)

The Portuguese CW Group
ECM: CT1BQH, Carlos

SV:GTC(SV-CW-C) (Greece)

Greek Telegraphy Club (Ελληνική Λέσχη Τηλεγράφηας)
Generic CW club
ECM: SV5DKL, Stathis

HA:HACWG (Hungary)

Hungarian CW Group
QRQ club, min. speed 150
ECM: HA3NU, László (Lacy)

DL Eur.:HSC (Germany)

Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club
QRQ club, min. speed 125
ECM: DK4LX, Holger

HB:HTC (Switzerland)

Helvetia Telegraphy Club HTC
Generic CW club

I:INORC (Italy)

Italian Naval "Old Rhythmers" Club
Navy CW club
ECM: IK7LSE, Nicolo

I: I-QRP (Italy)

Italian QRP Club
QRP club
ECM: IZ3CLE, Marco

I:ITC (Italy)

ARI Club Radiotelgrafisti (Italian Telegraphy Club)
Generic CW club
ECM: I2CZQ, Pietro

Z3:MCWG (North Macedonia)

Macedonian Telegraphic Group
QRQ club, min. speed 150
ECM: Z35M, Vlado

I: Marconi (Italy)

Marconi CW Group
Generic CW club
Secr.: IK1QBT, Toni

NL: NTC (The Nethetlands) (since 2021-Sep-15)

Netherlands Telegraphy Club
Generic CW club
Contact: Theo, PA3HEN

OE: OE-CW-G (Austria)

OE-CW Group
Generic CW club
ECM: OE3LHB, Heinz

OK: OK-QRP (Czechia)

QRP club
ECM: OK2BMA, Pavel

SM OZ LA OH: SCAG (Scandinavia)

Scandinavian CW Activity Group
Nordic CW club
ECM: SM5KRI, Krister

DL Eur.:SHSC (Germany)
QRQ club, min. speed 250
ECM and secretary: DJ5CW, Fabian

SP:SPCWC (Poland)

SP-CW-C Polski Klub Telegrafistów (Polish Telegraphy Club)
Generic CW club

RU:RU-QRP (Russia)

Russian Amateur Radio RU-QRP Club
QRP club
ECM: RW3AI, Valery

UR:UCWC (Ukraine)

The International Morse Telegraphy Club UCWC
Generic CW club
Contact: UZ1RR, Vladimir

F:UFT (France)

Union française des Télégraphistes
Open to French speaking OPs
ECM: F6EEQ, Gérard

R UR:U-QRQ-C (Russia/Ukraine)

United QRQ Club
QRQ club, min. speed 200
ECM: Mats, RM2D

PA Eur.:VHSC (The Netherlands)

Radio Telegraphy Very High Speed Club
QRQ club, min. speed 200

Note 1: CW speeds are given in chars per minute.

Note 2: Should you find any errors in this list, PLEASE let me know. I'm also interested to know about EuCW club web pages that I did not point to on this page.
Thanks in advance.

Note 3: Clubs marked by a hash symbol (#) are candidate clubs. They will be approved if there are no objections after a given period of time. See also dormant clubs.

Note 4: Clubs with a vacant ECM post are subject to article II section 5 of the EUCW constitution, i.e. their membership expires after two years of ECM vacancy.

Note 5: The complete list is also available as PDF file. The handling instructions are given in CW here.

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