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Version 2016

Language versions of the S+L v.2016 rules:

Last update 2015-10-10

These languages are primary languages of member clubs:
BG Bulgarian/Български - no volunteers found yet
CZ Czech/ Čeština ok thanks to OK2BMA
DE German/Deutsch ok thanks to DL1GBZ (proofreader DJ6UX)
EL Greek/ Ελληνικά ok thanks to SV2BBK
ES Spanish/Castellano ok thanks to EA5EF
FI Finnish/Suomi ok thanks to OH7QR
FR French/Français ok thanks to F5IYJ
HU Hungarian/Magyar - no volunteers found yet
HR Croatian/Hrvatski - no volunteers found yet
IT Italian/Italiano ok thanks to IZ0WIT
MK Macedonian/Mакедонски - no volunteers found yet
NL Dutch/Nederlands ok thanks to DM4RW
PL Polish/Polski ok thanks to SP3RNZ
PT Portuguese/Português - no volunteers found yet
RU Russian/Русский ok thanks to RN3ANT
SV Swedish/Svenska ok thanks to SM5KRI
UK Ukranian/Українська - no volunteers found yet
Other languages are welcome, too.

Instructions for volunteers

Just in case your language has no SL2016 rules yet and you are willing to help, please get in touch with the webmaster (contact form).
Our format preference: If you are not computer savvy enough to produce a page in the style of the other non-English texts, please send us simple UTF text. We will convert it to "markdown" code and translate it to HTML. The best hit would be pandoc markdown but we take what we can get and we'll do our best to convert it to the S+L style. Do not worry about styles or tables and if you feel most comfortable with your own word processor just use it but please try to export the file to a commonly accessible format. We use open source products ONLY to make our EUCW page.
Important - there is no need for a literal translation. It's even better to create a new text in your own words to help potential participants from your country. If you translate, please take also the initiative to distrubute your work in your country and other countries using the same language.
Should you discover an error in one of the texts, please do the following:
1 - download the file containing the error
2 - correct the error in the file
3 - send back the corrected file

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