EHSC Extermely High Speed Club
is a QRQ club for friends of CW speeds of at least 60 wpm.

Club Aims

The clubs were founded on March 20, 1982 in association with HSC (DARC)
and VHSC (VERON). They were created for every amateur who enjoys high speed
telegraphy to provide a stimulating challenge to achieve their highest
operating speeds and accuracy. Active members also encourage and help other
radio amateurs to use high speed telegraphy and to increase their speed.


The clubs consist of honorary members, active members and short wave
listeners, who all have equal status. The clubs are open to membership from
all countries and language groups.


To become an active member of SHSC or EHSC three recommendations must be
obtained from other active members. An active member gives a recommendation
after a "sponsor QSO" under following conditions:
SHSC Sponsorship - 2 way telegraphy contacts lasting for at least 30
minutes at a speed of least 250 cpm (50 wpm)
EHSC Sponsorship - 2 way telegraphy contacts lasting for at least 30
minutes at a speed of least 300 cpm (60 wpm)

In all cases, computers, keyboards or decoders are not allowed. Reception
must be by ear, and only a basic electronic keyer may be used for sending.

Applications for Membership

Applications should be made to the Secretary:

Joerg H. Vollbrecht, DL4CF
Steingasse 3
06642 Nebra (Unstrut)

Each application must include: The three recommendations or sponsor QSL
cards, a signed statement declaring that computers or decoders were not
used during the sponsor QSOs and payment of $10 or equivalent in ( EUR10 )
Euros. Membership is for life.

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