Clubs declared dormant after 2012

ON:BTC (Belgium)

Belgian Telegraphy Club
BTC is QRT/inactive (tnx info ON7SS June 2013)

EA: HCC (Spain)

Hispania CW Club
is QRT/inactive for many years according to EA1FAI who attempted a revival after the s.k. of founder EA3DOS.

OH:OHTC (Finland)

OH Telegraphy Club
OHTC is QRT/inactive (tnx info OH6LBW June 2013)

DL:RTC (Germany)

Radio Telegraphy Club e.V. - RTC
is inactive since 2016. The club was founded in the former GDR.

DL:YLCWG (Germany)

YLCWG Young Ladies CW Group
is temporarily inactive since 2016. A later revival is not excluded.

CT:CTCW (Portugal)

CT CW Club
QRT since 2018, overridden by GPCW. The former ECM of the club became ECM of the new club.

EA:EACW (Spain)

EA-CW Club
Generic CW club
No news from this club for several years. Unlisted in 2018.

3A:3A-CWG (Monaco)

Groupe Monégasque de Télégraphie
Generic CW club
Not active any more. Declared dormant by its founder 3A2LF in 2018.

LZ:LZCWC (Bulgaria)

LZ CW Club - Contest group
CW contest club
Lost contact, ECM deceased. Unlisted on 2019/01/31.

9A:9A-CWG (Croatia)

9A CW Group
QRQ club, min. speed 150
Lost contact for over 2 years. Unlisted on 2019/06/10.

EA:EA-QRP-C (Spain)

QRP club
Lost contact for over 2 years. Unlisted on 2019/06/10.

FORMER associated clubs

PY:CWAS (Brazil)

Clube de CW Aguias do Sul
No news from CWAS for several years.


QRP Amateur Radio Club International
QRP club
No news from QRP-ARCI for years.

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