2019 Election of the EUCW chairman

Two candidates have volunteered to be a candidate for the period 9/2019 - 9/2022. The search of a candidate has become necessary because the rotary principle could not be met this time. The oldest EUCW club who had never been offered the chairmanship has opted-out. This opt-out procedure was very graceful. Thanks to UFT for the early announcement which gave EUCW the chance for an orderly procedure without any haste.

As foreseen by our rulings, the chairman in office (I5SKK) has sent out a call for candidates via the internal EUCW mailing list and the EUCW bulletin. The ECM (delegates of the member clubs) had several months to spread the word within their clubs.

These are the official candidates


supported by CFT


supported by INORC

As the love of CW is often correlated to the time spent on air in CW you have a way to know that our candidates are really active. See their RBN stats as PDF. Note that our Belgian candidate uses two calls in parallel.