IZ2FME – N2FME – MM0FME – Michele Carlone 'MiK'

My name is Michele Carlone, I’ve been an enthusiast amateur-radio operator since 2003, as IZ2FME; my other call-signs are N2FME (alias for KD7YNT, extra class) and MM0FME.

I am an A.R.I., Associazione Radioamatori Italiani (www.ari.it) member and also a member of the R.S.G.B., Radio Society of Great Britain (https://rsgb.org/); I am enrolled in A.R.I. Bergamo, in which I used to hold the office of President for two consecutive terms (www.aribg.it).

In 2001 I graduated in (International) Law at the University of Milan and I’m collaborating with the Department of Administrative Law at the University of Bergamo, a town in which I’m working as a lawyer specilized in the litigation and aribtration (civil and penal law).

As one of the Club lawyers, I help A.R.I. members and I’ve also have published articles on Radiorivista


I belong to the FISTS Club (# 18103) and I came out as the special station for FISTS 30 years Anniversary (1987-2017), with the call II2FIST (#18180); I am active for the FISTS QRS activities (http://www.fists.co.uk/); I am also an ordinary member of the INORC Club - Italian Naval “Old Rhythmers” Club (# 656) - https://www.inorc.it/wp/ and member (# 2151) of the CWOPS (https://cwops.org/).

I'm active on all ham bands only in A1A; active in contests, and very active in the rag-chew; I collect II WW keys.

I usually do QRP activities during Summertime with my family (my wife is a doctor, working in Bergamo Hospital; we have two kids, Francesco and Stefano, who – too - want to enter in the shack, everytime, hi; we also have a dog: “Dog”, who’s my shadow) with my Yaesu FT-817ND, which I use with the "Barsine" vertical antenna projected by IW2MXE Diego (FISTS, INORC and CWOPS OM).

My Station consists of an Icom IC-7300, Acom Amplifier 1010, Mosley 3 elements for 10, 15 and 20 meters, multiband windom (also for WARC), vertical HF3B for low bands and 160 meters; Icom IC-910 for VHF / UHF, collinear antenna VX-2000, also for 50 Mhz and a log periodic antenna for VHF / UHF.

My favorite keys are the semi-automatic McElroy 1938B Standard model (which I used for the HSC award, http://www.highspeedclub.org/), the semiautomatic Begali Intrepid, the 1955 NATO (Navy) straight key, the II WW Italian Air Forces straight key “Emilio Caimi” and to the 1900 "pre-Amplidan" MP Pedersen; I have an original Amplidan, too and like the cootie-style too, with the Begali Swing SS; I use some Vibroplex keys (Deluxe series) for rag-chewing; for the HST I use the Begali Janus with the “speed-up” system.

I have been working about 13.000 stations (someone in SSB mode, too, when I was younger, hi).

And last year I had about 7.000 QSO’s with the II2FIST call-sign in a few months; I'm active in the LOTW (https://lotw.arrl.org/lotwuser/default) and I got the DX CC in A1A.

If I’m elected President of the EUCW, my first duty will be to try to protect the bands dedicated to the CW from “outside” invasions, then I certainly plan the application both of the band - plan and the self - regulation of the code of conduct.

Then, I’ll create channels in order to talk to the major DX Expeditions, and – at the same time - to invite them to respect the band-plan, with particular attention to the frequencies dedicated to the QRP operations.

I also will try to get the Presidents and Boards of the CW Associations to participate in the EUCW to collaborate with each other, in order to organize initiatives the goal of wich is to develop the study, the knowledge and the practice of radiotelegraphy, without forgetting the Tradition, but with an outlook towards the Future and the challenges that are constantly being proposed by new technologies; I will also edit 2 EUCW bulletins every year, at least.

I’m going to organize regular meetings on air for the rag-chewing activities among the members belonging to the various EUCW Associations; I speak English and French, so you can email me at iz2fme (@-symbol) amsat.org, or call me at + 39-3477610768.