This Award is available to any radio amateur who, during the first 12 months of holding an amateur licence contacts 50 different stations while using CW, for which QSL cards have been received. An applicant does not have to be a member of an EuCW club to qualify for an EuCW Novice Award.

Classes of Award
Class A - QRP must be used and the applicant must enclose with his/her application a signed statement that when making the contacts listed the power used did not exceed 5W output.
Class B - Any licensed power may be used.

To obtain the award, send a log of the 50 contacts made, verified by one other licensed amateur stating that he/she has seen and checked the cards on the list. The applicant's own name and address must be written clearly on the application. Do not send QSL cards.
Send the claim, together with three first class stamps (UK applicants), or three international reply coupons (IRCs) from overseas, to:

EuCW Novice Award manager:
G3VTT, Colin L Turner, 17 Century Road, Rainham, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 0BG

Provision of the EuCW Novice Award is a contribution by the G-QRP Club to the activities of the European CW Association, which exists to promote and encourage amateur CW through the mutual cooperation and activities of member clubs.

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