QRS-W 2020


Participants Class A - 100W RF

c/s    QSO   Err  Award
2E0DPH   8   0.0
DC2TS    9   0.0
DC8ED    7   0.0
DD7CW   14   0.2
DL1AH    4   0.0
DL1DXL  18   0.2
DL9EBG  19   1.0
F4GOP   24   1.6
G0EML   39   1.0  A2
G0FDC    3   0.0
G4LHI  100   0.2  A1
IK2RMZ (observer)
M0ILR   10   0.2
M0PBZ   15   0.0
M0UZE    8   0.0
M5ABN   10   0.2
OH7QR   27   0.2  A3
PA2ST    3   0.0
PG4I    11   0.2

Participants Class B - 5W RF

c/s    QSO   Err
DG1FBN   1   0.0
DJ6UX   28   0.2  B2
DM2DZM  39   0.0  B1
G4DNP    8   0.8  B3

Participants Class C - SWL


Participants Club Class

AGCW    242     Club Award
FISTS   239
UFT     24
VHSC    100

Leading Participants MRM Class

OH7QR  203       MRM Award
M0UZE  110
M0ILR  108

The counts refers to the sympathy votes of the participants. Any
voter sponsors up to 3 preferred OPs with a number of point
corresponding to his qso number.

Leading Participants RBN Class

   1769 IK2RMZ   (observer)
    519 PA2ST    RBN Award
    453 G4LHI
    452 F4GOP
    301 DJ6UX
    267 PG4I
    240 M0PBZ

The count refers to European RBN Spots at 14 WpM or slower.


most participants reported that they enjoyed the event.
Some claimed they experienced poor condx. This is true in the
sense that we are in the sunspot minimum. Yet, factually the
conditions were regular. From my point of view in the southern
pre-Alps I felt rather lucky than unlucky because the QRN stayed
moderate, unfortunately I did not encounter sporadic E condx.

One participant mentioned the low number of those who called CQ
QRS - this is true but using such a cq call is not mandatory, I
would not even recommend it because it might trigger the rule that
it is generally unwise to answer a CQ XYZ call unless you know for
sure what XYZ means.

Someone else encountered a station with decent CW produced by a
mouthpiece and an air flow sensor.

My highlight was a contact with a Belgian newcomer who declared
to be on his very first CW QSO. I had several other QSOs with
stations who were brand new to CW. Not all of these stations
sent in a log, but they are the main players. 

Thanks to all es 73

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