EUCW Bulletin No 2017/3

Dear friends, this is my fourth bulletin.


Just a couple of weeks ago we held the EuCW QRS week that AGCW organized for all of us. Personally speaking I must say I enjoyed it quite a lot, especially the slow chats with friends. I met several stations from different Countries and watched a really nice on air activity around 7035 kHz.

A great thanks for our FISTS friends that had the idea to come up with this initiative. Likewise, we thank AGCW that organizes it since 2012. Present host is Martin IK2RMZ, ECM of AGCW. Last but not least, a big thanks to everybody on air contributing to this good event in a good spirit.

At this point I ask all ECM's reading this newsletter to encourage their clubs members to have as many QSO as possible in the high portion of our exclusive CW bands. We must occupy our bands with CW activities instead of leaving unused spaces that will tempt digital operators and other intruders to abuse our bands. Unfortunately, we are watching an increasing number of digital band plan abuse in the higher CW bands. Sometimes it is even difficult to make a simple CQ call i.e. on 7038 without getting "feedback" from anonymous users.

As association we appeal to each an every ECM to make this situation known within the member Clubs. Its members must USE that part of bands. The band plan is from the IARU, the only international body to rule our spectrum. Our national radio clubs have agreed on this plan and expect from their members (and non-members, too) to respect it.

Let us be on air, not only just for contest days, but for every day QSOs and calls. Inform our clubs about it, please!


Once more thanks to the friends: Robert DM4DW for managing and logging our EuCW Snakes and Ladder activity and Lothar DL1DXL for managing and logging the Bug and Cootie AGCW activity.

I remind you that both these ventures are going ahead and so please encourage your members to participate and send logs although they are not "contest log". As you know, they are both opportunities to be on air not just to exchange RST, but to speak/chat, for at least 5 minutes, and feel the pleasure of use our spoken language CW not just for exchange few words, but to exchange ideas, technical info and so on.

Once more, I think that our clubs have to insist on the members about the use of CW, not just for DX or contests (that are a part). If we all insist in this aspect of the CW mode, we can obtain also to preserve our exclusive frequencies in Ham Radio.

HF Beacons

We continue the monitoring of CW automatic emissions in our bands. We are also trying to ask operators that manage those stations to close them in case their operation is not coordinated by IARU. The IARU discourages ANY beacon below 14 MHz with very few exceptions like the Aurora Warning system dk0wcy.

Some of our member clubs have already taken action. A Greek beacon operator could be convince to shut down, and a beacon operated by the Swiss Army promised on the guest book of its website to close down soon.

Admittedly, many of the uncoordinated beacons are in my home country of Italy. This is partially owing to the legal situation. The Italian law makes it easy to establish a beacon. Of course, Italy is represented in IARU by our national club ARI. As such ARI is called to do anything to invite beacon operators to withdraw uncoordinated beacons. We informed them about the situation and are waiting for actions.

Decent hams respect the authority of the international community and the rulings of IARU. You are called not to foster anti-social behaviour and to explain operators in your country that beacon operation below 14 MHz is formally discouraged by IARU (See HF Managers Handbook). Do NOT send reception reports or QSL cards to uncoordinated beacons.

The subject of uncoordinated beacons will be presented during the upcoming IARU conference later this year. The draft for a relevant paper by the IARU C4 Manager should be available in a few days.

CW QRP Activity

I wold like to mention an upcoming QRPCC event - MAS (QRP Minimal Art Session) on Ascension Day, May 25th, 2017. On 40m/80 m bands home made TX and/or RX are used with a minimal number of electronic components.

The QRP MAS webpage is

Another real interesting page is from DL0HBS that publishes pics and schematics from QRP MAS equipment in past years. It's an interesting resource for homebrewers.

I hope that in future more hams will occur in this nice and interesting event. Wa all want to see more pics and schematics and get more ideas for homebrewing.

EuCW Member Clubs


I apologize for not mentioning GTC (Greek Telegraphy Club) last time. GTC presented its member list and is thus confirm as full member of or association. members.

The Portuguese CW Group (GPCW)

Its manager Pedro CT1DBS, sent me an application for membership in the EuCW. Pedro describes their CW activities and also the affiliation conditions for their members and also what they are thinking about for future on air activities by the Club. According to the EuCW rules the admission will be granted 6 months after this notification unless a full member club raises any objection.

My never ending hope is to meet some of you on air and to get the chance to chat and to exchange ideas on air and not just on the web. The web should be a support tool, but after all we are ham radio operators and we are devoted to on air activity and we have good equipment and abilities for that, haven't we?

Best 73 de

Alex I5SKK